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The maps seen here are reduced-resolution electronic copies of one of several maps included in the paper version of the Boracay EZ-Map published by United Tourist Promotions (UTP).  These electronic copies of UTP maps are copyright © UTP, and may not be copied, reproduced, or transmitted in any language, in any form, by any means; electric, mechanical, photocopying or recording, without the express written permission of UTP.  These maps are used here at boracayinfo.net with the permission of UTP.

UTP maps, including the Boracay EZ-Map, are available in various retail outlets throughout the Philippines.  EZ-Maps can be purchased in many bookstores, and are available for purchase on Boracay in the Boracay Tourist Center, located approximately in the center of Boracay's Beachfront Path, and in other locations.  Some Boracay hotels have UTP EZ-Maps available for purchase at their front desk.

All of the maps on this site are much smaller and are much lower resolution than the paper version of the Boracay EZ-Map.  The paper version of the Boracay EZ-Map shown above is approximately 23 inches wide and 9 inches high and contains a considerable amount of information not shown here.  The paper EZ-Map also contains a similar-sized high-resolution map showing Central Boracay in much greater detail and a map of Panay Island.

The map shown above is 600 X 303 pixels, and has had 25% JPG compression applied to it.  This is the lowest-resolution of three resolution versions of this map provided on this site.  Higher-resolution versions of this map may be seen by clicking the following links: 850 X 429 pixels, 1699 X 858 pixels.  Display of these maps might possibly be prevented by a popup-blocker in your web browser.  In this case, you may be able to view the maps by right-clicking and manually opening the links in a new window.