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Rate Sheet

The www.boracayinfo.net website provides WorldWideWeb visibility in an environment which enables visitors to the site to easily evaluate each item visible on the website on the basis of where on Boracay the item is located, to consider what other items are nearby, and to consider other factors related to the item's level of visibility on the website.

Boracayinfo.net is not a travel agency, and is not a booking agency.  We do not collect commissions on room reservations. We do not accept room reservations. We do not make room reservations ourselves.  We simply provide an environment which can be helpful for prospective Boracay visitors in deciding where to stay, and we try to make it easy for prospective Boracay visitors to contact individual hotels and resorts on Boracay in order to make their own reservations directly.

We accept subscriptions for website visibility at the rates listed in the table shown below.  These rates are subject to change without notice, but advance payment locks in the current rate for the number of months paid.  We are currently accepting three and six month advance payments.

Please contact us via the Feedback form on this website if there are any questions, or contact Sol Mitchell at 288-3920 or 0917-375-6450 to subscribe.  We will be happy to visit your establishment personally in order to sign you up for an advance-paid subscription.


Visibility Option


Price per month


Item name and location is shown.  Item may be found by searching for its name.

No charge
Extended At a mouse-click, some additional info about the item is shown.  Beginning in October, 2006 Room Rate info will be shown if we have that info, but all other info will be suppressed.  This visibility option may be eliminated at some point, or it may be continued with additional information (email, phone, etc.) shown and a small charge applied. No Charge
Enhanced The item appears in one category on the boracayinfo.net Featured Items page. The link to Extended info about the item appears in Bold, with a clickable button shown if website URL is known. Clickable links to a website and to a fill-in-the-blanks email form are supplied on the Extended Info page if website URL and/or email address(es) are known.  Room Rate information is shown if this information is known. To enhance searching, up to five arbitrary keywords may be supplied. Searches for any of these keywords will find the item. P100/mo
Additional Featured Item Categories Additional Featured Item Categories provide multiple appearances in the boracayinfo.net Featured Items page. This may be useful, for example, where an entry should appear in the Daily Accommodations category, and also in a category such as Weekly / Monthly / Long Term rentals P50/mo/category
Photo Show a subscriber-provided photo on the Featured Items page and the Extended Info page. P20/mo
Additional Keywords If five keywords are insufficient, more keywords may be added. P10/mo each
Room Rates If entered, room rates show on the Enhanced Info page.  Also, if room rate info is available, items may be found by searches based on room rate. P10/mo per entry
P20/mo for pricing notes
Classified Ads Current classifications:  Weekly/Monthly Rentals, House For Sale, Boat For Sale. Other classifications can be added as needed. P50/mo
Picture Ads Links classified ads to a standard on-site web page which contains up to 5 photos. P50/mo
Additional Photos If 5 photos are insufficient, more may added. P10/photo/mo
Sub-domain Hosting Provides a web address like myplace.boracayinfo.net where a small website may be hosted.  Sub-domain hosting includes email redirection. P500 setup fee
Domain Hosting Hosting of your domain (e.g., www.myboracayresort.com). Domain hosting includes email redirection. P500 setup fee
Website Services Technical services to develop and maintain websites, whether hosted on boracayinfo.net or hosted elsewhere.. Negotiable

These rates are current as of 1 April, 2007, and are subject to change without notice.