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Angol Beach

by sirenna - last update: Aug 24, 2005

The Peaceful Side of Boracay

Angol Beach is located at the southern end of White Beach, five minutes walk from boat station 3.
This area was originally the lively part of the island, the first area to be developed when tourists arrived in Boracay, but after the removal of it's boat station several years ago, and the excessive development of the rest of White Beach, it has now become the quiet end of the beach.
Angol is now a favourite spot for those needing to get away from the noise, crowds and vendors on the rest of White Beach.
High Tide

Escape the Crowds

This picture was taken at high tide during October of last year. Although at this time of year it is officially classed as raining season, there are still many beautiful days to be enjoyed here.

Quiet Evenings

Unlike other parts of Boracay, where the music begins blaring at sunset (or before), Angol remains quiet. It is also relatively free from those pesky vendors, compared to the rest of White Beach. Small groups of people gather in the evening to watch the island's legendary sunsets, chat and sip a cold beer.
Angol Beach

Jump in the Sea

Angol boasts some of the best snorkelling on White Beach. Stroll down to the far end of the beach, and swim out just a few meters to discover a beautiful coral garden teaming with fish.
If you don't have your own snorkel equipment you can rent some from nearby White Beach Divers relatively cheaply.

Chill Out

Angol Beach is a perfect place to simply lay back and relax. The sea is calm and perfect for swimming, and there are very few people around to disturb your peace and quiet.
There are several little native beach bars open to serve you cold drinks or fruit shakes, and food.
Red Pirates Pub is a native style bar with a pretty little beach garden, complete with hammocks, beach beds and wooden chairs for you to while away the hours with a cold drink and a good book.
Next door, Mario's Restaurant serves delicious Italian food at reasonable prices. You can enjoy your lunch at a quiet table between the coconut trees, right next to the beach.
Another nice place for a meal and a drink (or two) is Cocoloco Bar. This is also native style, and there is a pool table if you are feeling energetic!
Outside on the beach you can find Abe, one of the best masseurs on the island. He is blind, and specialises in Shiatsu, Acupressure and Swedish massage.
Kurt & Mag's is a friendly bar/restaurant, run by Bavarian Kurt and his wife. This is another good spot to have a drink and meet new friends.
Further down the beach, you'll find a few little native beach bars made from bamboo with a Nipa (thatched) roof. Look out for Cogon Bar and Sababi.
Pirates Garden
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Or Just Do Nothing...

Relax and enjoy! The island's busy nightlife is only a 10 minute walk away (or take a pedicab if you are feeling lazy)!


Native Style

Red Pirates
Sail Into the Sunset

Cheers from Boracay!