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Backpacking in Boracay
September 12, 2005.


Inside a Nipa Hut by sirenna
If you are looking for budget or backpacker accomodation, head down to the area south of boat station 3 on White Beach. Nipa Huts are available for around P500 or less, though facilities are pretty basic. You will be provided with an electric fan and a mosquito net, but there is usually no hot water. Ask around to find the best deals - the further south you go, the cheaper it gets. This area (known as Angol) has a friendly, laid back atmosphere, some nice little bars and restaurants and a pretty good snorkeling area. There are way less tourists than the middle part of White Beach, and you won't be harrassed by vendors all day. If you arrive on the island without a place to stay, just inquire at the Pirates Pub - they can point you in the direction of the best budget accomodation in the area.


Coconut Man
September 4, 2005.

The Coconut Man by sirenna
Filipinos are such resourceful people - if there is something to be sold, you can sure that there will be someone to sell it, even if the customers are out in the middle of the ocean! This friendly local guy has found his niche selling coconuts to people on boat trips. He loads them onto his little paddle boat and tours around the areas where people have stopped to swim and snorkel. Once he has cut the coconut open with his bolo knife, you can insert a straw and drink the syrupy juice inside.


Buko Juice
March 12, 2005.

Buko Juice by sirenna
The juice of the young green coconut (buko) is a natural remedy for stomach upsets, diarrhea, food poisoning, hangovers etc (and it tastes good on a hot day)! Apparantly it has anti-bacterial properties, and has a cleansing effect on the body. After you've finished the juice, have someone cut it open for you and you can enjoy the white 'flesh' inside. They are actually not that easy to get hold of - sometimes you'll see some on sale in the market, otherwise you'll need to ask a local to find you one. The juice is clear, sweet and slightly syrupy. Watching a guy shimmy up a coconut tree to cut one down for you is quite entertaining too. Expect to pay around P20-P30.


Puka Beach
January 4, 2005.


Deserted beach by sirenna
Puka Beach was named after the famous Puka Shells which were popular as jewellry in the 60's and 70's. Such large numbers of them were collected from the beach that sadly there are hardly any left now. This is a nice place to spend an afternoon - much more peaceful than White Beach. There are a few bead sellers around but generally you'll be left in peace. You'll need to bring snacks or a picnic, and some cold drinks. Look out for the cave too.

We sailed to Puka Beach with Captain Joey from Red Pirates. We had a BBQ on the beach and a cooler full of beer - everything we needed really! Be sure to bring your camera to catch the sunset as you sail back.


Tourist Center
October 16, 2005.


Tourist Center by sirenna
Boracay Tourist Center is located on White Beach, between boat stations 2 and 3. As well as booking/confirming flights, changing travellers cheques and money, and withdrawing cash, the tourist center offers a postal service, internet cafe, photo lab and safety deposit boxes. There is also a shop selling overpriced clothing, souvenirs, imported cigarettes, grocery items, refrigerated goods and beer/wines. You can buy shampoos, mosquito repellant and sun screen here, but you'll find these items much more reasonably priced elsewhere on the island.


August 4, 2005.


I don't think they sell kettle chips! by sirenna
If you have rented a motorbike or quad, it's good to know where to top up the gas. There are several of these little petrol stations are located along the main road, but you could easily drive past them if you don't know what to look out for. They sell the petrol in old coke, rum or cooking oil bottles.


ATM Machines
October 29, 2005.


ATM in D'Mall by sirenna
There are now at least two ATM machines in Boracay which accept Visa, Mastercard, Cirrus & Maestro. One is located in D'Mall, close to Jude's bar, and there is another at the Metrobank on the main road near the back entrance of the Mall. Don't wait until your pockets are empty to withdraw cash from these machines, as they are frequently offline or empty, especially at the weekends when you need them most! You can also use your Visa card to withdraw money from the Tourist Centre, but this is only advisable as a last resort, as they charge you 7% for the privilege!


February 27, 2005.

Small Gecko by sirenna
You are bound to see these creatures if you visit Boracay. They are totally harmless, and quite useful too, as they eat flies, moths and mosquitos. Geckos are most active at night, and you'll spot them scurrying across the walls and clustered around lightbulbs, catching insects. They are very timid, and usually run for cover when you approach them. The larger variety come in some unusual colours - I've seen green ones with orange and yellow spots, and even a blue one. They make a noise which sounds a little like the word 'gecko', which is how they got their name. Locals call them 'Tuko', also after the sound they make.


Magical Castles of Sand
September 3, 2005.


Sandcastle by sirenna
If you are strolling on White Beach in the evening, you'll come across these lovely sand sculptures. Boracay's children start building their fairytale castles in the late afternoon, and after dark they light them up with little candles. If you want to take a picture, be sure to give them a few pesos, especially as some of these kids are homeless.