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Local Customs

Experience Filipino Delicacies!
February 6, 2005.


Roasted pig - party time! by sirenna
While you are here, you may be asked to try some of the more unusual local specialities. One popular delicacy is Balut - a young duck embryo cooked in its shell. While this is certainly not to everyone's taste, it's worth a try - it's not as bad as it sounds. In fact, it is rumoured to be an aphrodisiac! You can buy it from one if the vendors on the beach in the evening, they usually have bags of peanuts and pork crackling (known as chicharon, served with spicy vinegar, goes well with beer!) for sale too. Another thing you may not be familiar with is Lechon - a whole pig roasted on a spit. These are usually eaten at parties (for obvious reasons), and the crispy skin is a popular treat, although I find the meat very fatty. You may come across siopao (a sort of white bread bun filled with meat and gravy sauce), which I think is pretty tasty. But be prepared to see a chicken's foot or a strip of intestines on a stick for sale at a barbecue stand! Be adventurous - have a try, but if you really can't, remember to refuse politely so as not to offend anyone.


Tribal Music / Jamming
February 11, 2005.


Diango by sirenna
Experience native Filipino tribal music, with bongo drums, rain sticks and native instruments! You can often see tribal music at the Plazoleta, and the Red Pirates Pub , near boat station 3, occasionally have jamming sessions in the evening - you can even bring an instrument & join in. The guy in the picture, Diango, has a small shop at the Plazoleta on White Beach, selling drums, leather bags and other hand-made crafts - stop by for a chat to learn more about tribal music and find out where to watch the next show.


Eggs With Legs!
September 3, 2005.

Mmm, nice! by sirenna
As seen on Fear Factor! No trip to Boracay would be complete without experiencing the 'delicacy' that is Balut - it is a soft boiled egg containing a partially formed duck embryo. Otherwise known as the 'Treat with Feet', Balut are rumoured to be an aphrodisiac. I have eaten them myself, and all I felt afterwards was queazy! If you are brave enough to try one, flag down a passing vendor on the beach in the evening and you can buy one for around 12 pesos. Eat it with salt, and have a beer (or several) handy to wash it down with! It's best to peel it gradually, not all at once. Should you feel amorous afterwards, be aware that your breath now smells of duck abortion.


Ati-Atihan festival in Kalibo
February 26, 2005.

Ati-Atihan by sirenna
This is a week long traditional festival celebrated on the 3rd week of January in honour of the 'Santa Nino' (holy infant Jesus). Hoards of people dressed in fabulous, flambouyant costumes dance through the streets, faces blackened with soot, and marching musicians play drums and xylaphones. The highlight of the festival occurs on the last day, when groups representing different tribes compete. Costumes, including the headdress, are made of abaca fibers, shells, feathers, bamboo, plant leaves, cogon, sugar cane flowers, beads, trinkets and an assortment of pieces of glass, metals and plastics. Much drinking and merrymaking goes on in the streets, and you'll be offered drinks on every street corner. Bring your camera, but take good care of it as there is always a risk of theft in a large crowd. Kalibo is an hour and a half away from Boracay, take a bus or taxi from Caticlan.


July 16, 2005.


Wanna see my cock? by sirenna
This is one of the Philippines' favourite sports (besides basketball). It is certainly not to everyones taste, and fights can be rather gory. If you particularly wish to see a cockfight, just ask a local. There are a couple of small arenas in Boracay, and many local people breed roosters in their back gardens. You'll see (and hear) them almost everywhere on the island.


San Miguel Beer
February 26, 2005.


Beer - now there's a temporary solution! by sirenna
San Miguel is the most popular beer in the Philippines - its on sale everywhere. This is not a bad tasting beer considering how cheap it is (usually less than 50 pesos). San Mig Light is also available in most bars - this is actually stronger than regular San Miguel but lower in calories. Other beers you might come across are San Miguel Super Dry, Blue Ice, Cerveza Negra and Red Horse. Beware of the last one as it produces fierce hangovers!