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Sirenna's Boracay Travel Guide

Red Pirates: Chill Out Zone
December 28, 2004.


Red Pirates Pub by sirenna
Red Pirates is a chilled out little beach bar, with a native theme. There's a funky little beach garden with chairs and tables made from driftwood and lit by torches and candles. Drinks are reasonably priced, and it a good place to meet other travellers and chat. The music ranges from reggae to chill-out to tribal, ethnic & acoustic sounds. several night of the week you can enjoy a live jamming session with bongo drums, rain sticks and various other native instruments. The owner, Captain Joey, has a sailing boat and offers sunset cruises, adventure tours and snokeling trips around the island. It's also a great place to relax during the day - the garden is festooned with with driftwood and bouganvillia flowers and the beach outside is quiet and peaceful. If you want to get away from the crowds and not be hassled by vendors, this is the perfect spot. Swing in a hammock or lounge on one of the beach beds and just chill out. If you are backpacking or travelling, it is worthwhile stopping by to chat with the friendly gang at Red Pirates - they can point you in the direction of the best budget accomodation in the area, and they are very helpful.

Bare feet, sarong and guitar!

Address: White Beach, Angol
Phone: 036 288 5767
Directions: 5 minutes south of boat station 3.

Summer Place: Pull an all-nighter!
January 1, 2005.


Leo by sirenna
Arguably Boracay's best nightspot, Summer Place is a large native style bar. Its open plan, and facing the beach - perfect for dancing in the sand on those full-moon nights. The bar attracts a friendly crowd of tourists, expats and locals, and the music varies.There's a good Mongolian BBQ and Sushi available earlier in the evening but the real fun begins after midnight. Dance on the beach. Dance on the table. Who cares?

Anything goes.

Address: Boat station 2.
Directions: White Beach.

Rumba's: New Night-Spot
June 27, 2005.


Rhumba's. by sirenna
This bar opened recently in the new part of the mall. It is a small, modern bar that serves really tasty English Pub style food. Despite being relatively new, Rumba's is already popular - there is a regular crowd of English, Aussies and Kiwis, amongst others. The music is laid back, rock classics etc. Happy hour is from 4-7pm.

Smart beachwear is fine.

Address: D'Mall
Directions: New wing of the Mall, near the ferris wheel.

Hey Jude!: Live DJ
January 1, 2005.

Hey Jude! by sirenna
Named after it's owner, Jude, this place serves bistro style food and great pizzas and after dark there's usually a live DJ. Hey Jude attracts a mixed crowd of Manila party people, tourists and expats. They play chilled music, and usually stay open pretty late. Sunset is a good time to arrive - sit outside on the beach with a cocktail and watch the guys playing volleyball or frisbee. During high season, Hey Jude is famous for it's beach parties and events, sponsored by the likes of Slinky and Big Fish, and resident DJ Manster plays possibly the best music in Boracay.

Dressy beachwear.

Address: D'Mall, White beach.
Directions: Near boat station 2.

Blue Mango: New in Angol
September 12, 2005.


Blue Mango by sirenna
Blue Mango (formerly Jazzed Up Cafe) opened on September 1st, and is the newest addition to Angol's bar / restaurant / nightlife scene. It is imaginitively designed, with colourful murals on the walls and a roof deck overlooking the beach. There are 4 luxury rooms upstairs with aircon, hot water, cable TV and wireless internet connection. Blue Mango also plan to expand the resort by building 7 new cottages in the near future. Both the food and the service are impressive, and friendly bartender Ben makes great frozen mango margueritas.


Address: Angol, Boracay
Phone: +63 36 288 5170
Directions: Blue Mango is a few minutes walk down the beach past boat station 3.
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Nigi Nigi's bar: Friendly Bartenders
February 22, 2005.


Happy Boys! by sirenna
This is the beach bar attached to Nigi Nigi Nu Noos Resort (I have no idea how it got it's name). The bar is very popular with expats and tourists alike, and has some of the friendliest bartenders around. There is also a good restaurant here, serving a wide range of snacks and main courses. Happy hour is from 5 - 7pm.


Address: Near the tourist Center
Directions: Between boat stations 2 and 3, White Beach

Bubbles Bar: Beer and Chat
February 9, 2005.


Bubbles Bar by sirenna
Bubbles Bar (part of White Beach Divers) is a laid back and friendly spot at the southern end of the island. The bar is not only popular with divers, but with tourists and expats too, mostly English, German and Aussies but everyone is given a warm welcome. Don't worry about missing out on the football - there is a TV behind the bar showing major sporting events. Bubbles is run by an English guy, Lee, and is well known locally for it's lively BBQ parties in high season.

No dress code, but Lee has been known to wear a grass skirt and a coconut bra!

Address: White Beach Divers
Directions: White Beach, Angol - 5 minutes walk south of boat station 3.

Pat's Bar: Shoot Some Pool...
September 29, 2005.


Pat's Bar by sirenna
This is Pat's bar, a nice spot to enjoy a few beers and a game of pool. The bar itself is nicely decorated, though small, and there are tables outside next to the beach. The staff are friendly, and drinks are relatively inexpensive. Pat's bar and next door BomBom Bar have finally got together to work out a timetable for their live music sessions - this is a relief, as previously the clashing sounds from each establishment made sitting in the garden less than relaxing!


Address: Near D'Mall / Bom Bom Bar