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Sirenna's Boracay Travel Guide
Off the beaten path

Secluded Beach
December 28, 2004.


Tribal Sail by sirenna
We sailed with the Red Pirates paraw (native sailing boat) to Baling Hai Beach, a quiet little private beach far removed from the busy White Beach. There are 4 or 5 little cottages on the hillside, and a small restaurant at the top of the cliff serving lunches and fruit shakes. If you don't fancy taking on all those steps (there are a lot) your food and drinks will be lowered down the cliff-side in a basket! This little beach is very peaceful, and lovely for swimming and snorkelling. You won't be bothered by vendors here as it's a private beach. It's a greatplace to spend an afternoon - you won't want to leave!


Crystal Cove
April 19, 2005.


Cave 1, Crystal Cove by sirenna
Hire a boat to take you to Crystal Cove, an island at the southern end of Boracay. The main attraction is the caves (there are two), but there is also a picnic spot, a nice walking trail around the island and some good look-out spots (bring a camera). For some reason, someone has seen fit to construct possibly the ugliest concrete animal statues you'll ever see at various intervals along the trail. They are quite surreal. They don't serve food, so you'll need a picnic and some cold drinks. Bring your own, or ask your boatman to arrange it for you.

Phone: Red Pirates: 036 288 5767

Dead Forest
May 25, 2005.


Dead Forest by sirenna
The Dead Forest was originally a mangrove swamp on the eastern side of the island. It was created when a dam that kept off the saltwater broke down, destroying the swamp and killing off the mangroves that grew in it (mangroves thrive in brackish water). The Dead Forest is surrounded by old folk tales about ghosts and spirits. Locals believe that supernatural occurrences take place here, particularly on full moon nights. It's surprisingly atmospheric, so be sure to bring a camera.


Panoly Beach
February 9, 2005.


Endangered Area! by sirenna
Who said Boracay is spoilt?! Could this be the next White Beach? So far there is only one hotel on this beautiful stretch of sand, and not too many people around. Take a boat trip and bring a picnic. You can buy drinks at the hotel bar but the prices are absolutely ridiculous. Bring your own, and ask the boatman to stop off at the far end of the beach. Red Pirates Sailing tours organise outings to this beach. Find them 5 minutes south of boat station 3. UPDATE! This beach (and neighbouring Punta Bunga beach) is about to be destroyed by the Shangri-La hotel development. What a shame. (5/18/2005)

Phone: Captain Joey (036) 288 5767

Barazula Beach
February 9, 2005.


Escape the Crowds by sirenna
This is a tiny little beach at the South end of the island. Not usually frequented by daytrippers, it's a nice place to go for a picnic. There are no bars, restaurants or facilities there - even the little hut in the picture doesn't exist any more. Bring everything you need, and be sure to take all your trash home with you. There is some pretty good snorkeling in this area too. Take a sailing boat from Angol - contact Red Pirates, Angol, near station 3.

Phone: 036 288 5767

Native Style Beach Bars
March 27, 2005.


Kiwi Phil's Bar by sirenna
This little place is almost at the end of the White Beach. This part of the beach is much less crowded than the rest of the White Beach, and there is a good snorkeling area. Don't expect to be served cocktails though - their drinks menu is quite limited! There are also native style beach-front cottages for rent (P500 per night). ..............UPDATE! This place, along with several neighbouring properties, is the latest of Boracay's beauty spots to fall victim to the relentless developers. The land has just been sold to a Korean corporation, who are planning to build another concrete carbuncle on it. Phil's Bar and Sababi have been torn down and a barbed wire fence now stands in their place. If you are planning to visit Boracay, better make it soon..............12/10/15


Visit Mount Luho
February 26, 2005.


View from the Top by sirenna
Supposedly the highest point on the island, Mount Luho affords some excellent views of Boracay and the surrounding area. Buy a map from the tourist centre, and you can hike or mountain bike to the site, or ask a motorbike driver to take you there (in which case you won't need the map). Refreshments are served at the top.


September 3, 2005.


Carabao by sirenna
The carabao (Asian Water Buffalo) is supposed to be the national animal of the Philippines, and if you or hiking or biking around the island you may come across one wallowing around in a muddy field. They are commonly used in farming - as draught animals in rice fields - and are sometimes eaten.