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Travelling light? - What you don't need to bring
December 29, 2004.


Market Shopping by sirenna
There are plenty of shops in Boracay selling bags - they make good presents or souvenirs. Small rucksacks and sports bags are available, as are hand luggage type bags. There are a few shops selling evening bags, though usually the quality is not good, and fake designer labels abound. There is a great selection of beach bags though, so there is no need to bring those.

There are many shops selling a wide variety of footwear, from sandals and slippers to dressy shoes. Kaycee Shoes (located in D'Mall) will even let you create your own! If you are planning on hiking or biking, be sure to have comfortable walking shoes or well fitting sandals. Otherwise thongs/flip flops will be fine for every day. For days on the beach, no shoes are necessary.

There are at least 5 well stocked pharmacies here, a couple of medical clinics and a hospital. You don't need to bring things like paracetamol or anti diarrea medication as they are readily available here.

There are several shops here selling photo equipment, batteries and film. They also develop. Some places also have the facility to transfer digital photos onto a disc - if the photo lab can't do it, inquire at the nearest internet cafe.

Hats, towels, sunglasses etc can all be purchased on the island if you didn't bring your own. There is no need to bring mosquito repellant as there are plenty of shops here that sell it. The same goes for sun screen - many good brands are now available.

The Tourist Center has an air-conditioned shop selling toiletries, grocery items, beachwear, wines and spirits, dairy products and more. You can change money and travellers cheques there, book/confirm flights and use the internet. The tourist center tends to charge the highest prices though, and there are a variety of little shops along the beach selling the same or similar goods at cheaper prices. You'll also be able to find most things you need in D'Mall, close to boat station 2.