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by sirenna - last update: Nov 29, 2005

Punta Bunga - Endangered Area

Boracay's Treasure

This is beautiful Punta Bunga beach, at the northern end of Boracay. The beach and surrounding tropical forest are home to a variety of endangered species, including rare birds, fruit bats and turtles.


Clear Waters

The water is calm and clear, and it's a beautiful place to swim and snorkel.
Punta Bunga beach is lovely peaceful spot. Some of my favourite memories are of sitting on the shore & listening to the exotic birds calling in the forest, and exploring the little sand-filled cave - when the tide is high, you can swim in it.
At sunset, the fruit bats awake in the forest, and leave the trees in a huge cloud to fly to the mainland to feed.

Picnic Spot


Unfortunately, the Shangri La Hotel chain have been allowed to purchase this area, and are planning to build a vast hotel complex on it.
The entire forested hillside will be destroyed, along with two beaches.
Endangered Area

Picnic Spot

Punta Bunga was top of my list of places to visit, but now Shangri La have installed guards armed with M16's to chase visitors away.
This area was classed as a marine reserve, but unfortunately the local authorities have chosen to ignore that fact. Boracay's most sensitive areas are being destroyed by the very people who are supposed to be protecting them. It's so sad.
Panoly Beach

Panoly Beach

This is neighbouring Panoly Beach. This beach is also earmarked for development. It's heartbreaking, but no-one here seems to care about protecting the environment.


Here is the Mayor of Boracay leading the Ati-Atihan parade on White Beach. As part of the festivities, he was carrying a spear with a dead fruit bat impaled on it.
When questioned about why he would support the killing of rare wildlife, he claimed he "didn't know". Right, OK...
Save Me!!!

Threatened Treasures!

This is the reality - in a few years, these beautiful creatures will have been wiped out. They are already endangered. We can't turn back the clock.
If the development of Boracay continues unchecked, all the forested areas and wildlife will be completely destroyed.