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Kurt's: German & Filipino food
March 27, 2005.


Kurt's by sirenna
This is a native style bar / restaurant, run by a friendly Bavarian guy named Kurt and his Filipina wife Mags. They serve a variety of delicious European and Filipino dishes, as well as being one of the best places to meet people and chat. Kurt's is also one of the few bars in Boracay to serve draft beer and is the only place to serve Bavarian Weizenbier. To date, he has probably the longest happy hour you'll find on the island, from 2 - 8pm! If you are really in the mood, you can now order a barrel of beer for your table (good for roughly 12 glasses) for only P500, or P350 during happy hour. Bargain!

I love the jagerschnitzel (pork cutlet) with pan fried potatoes and mushroom gravy. I have also become quite addicted to the Hungarian sausage and chips! The portions are very generous, and the company is so friendly, you'll have a hard time leaving! They also serve a selection of sausages, curries, steak, soups, sandwiches, salads and freshly brewed coffee. Eat, drink,and be merry!

Type: German/Austrian
Price: less than US$10   
Address: White Beach, Angol
Directions: 2 minutes walk south of boat station 3.

Floremar (Pizza da Mario): Great Pizza!
December 28, 2004.

Floremar Beach Garden
by sirenna
Owned by friendly husband and wife team Mario and Flor, this charming restaurant serves authentic Italian food in a lovely beach garden setting. They also deliver to your door if you are too lazy to walk down the beach! Aside from the usual Italian fare, they also serve sandwiches, salads, omelettes and soups.

The Tortellini Carbonara is really good, and my favourite pizza is the Napolitana (with basil, oregano, anchovies & cheese). The Lasagne is also very tasty, and comes in large portions.

Type: Italian
Price: less than US$10   
Address: Little Corner of Italy, Angol, White Beach
Phone: 036 288 3601
Directions: 5 mins south of boat station 3.

Sundown Restaurant: Dining on the Beach
April 12, 2005.

Sundown by sirenna
Sundown is in a lovely peaceful location, serving European and Filipino food right on the beach-front. You can enjoy your food sitting on cushions on the sand, or sit at a table if you prefer. There is plenty to choose from on the menu - a variety of soups, salads, omelettes, sandwiches, sausage, cold cuts, pizza, steak, seafood and more. Breakfasts and lunches are also served. There is a well stocked deli serving meats, cheeses. pasta, pickles, wine and imported goods. They also have an extensive wine list.

Last night's 4 course set meal consisted of soup, salad, seafood spaghetti and banana fritters for P195. Bargain! You should also try the homemade cakes, crepes and apfel strudel.

Type: German/Austrian
Price: less than US$10   
Address: Angol, White Beach
Directions: About 5 minutes walk south of boat station 3. When you reach the end of the main beach path outside Mario's Restaurant, walk out onto the beach and continue for a few meters - it's the first restaurant you'll come to.

Rumba's: The Best Pub Food
June 27, 2005.

Rhumba's by sirenna
Rumba's is one of the newer bar / restaurants in the Mall Plaza. It's a small, cosy place with a friendly atmosphere. They serve traditional English pub style food, such as pies, steaks, pasties, fish and chips, cottage pies, curries, lamb chops and sandwiches made with home baked bread.

Try the sausage, mash and beans with onion gravy! The steaks are really good too..

Type: Pub/Brewery
Price: less than US$10    
Address: D' Mall, near boat station 2.
Directions: New wing of the mall, next to the silly little ferris wheel (I kid you not)!

Real Coffee: Freshly brewed coffee...
December 29, 2004.

Real coffee by sirenna
This is a friendly little beachfront coffee shop run by mother and daughter team Nadine and Lee. They are open from 7am until 7 pm serving cakes, sandwiches, pancakes, brownies, omelettes and more. Real Coffee is a bit of an institution on the island, and it's a popular place to meet people and chat. The coffee is rumoured to be the best in Boracay, although I don't drink coffee myself - I just go there for the food! Non coffee lovers can choose from a selection of fresh juices and shakes.

Tuna melt sandwiches! Chocolate brownies that melt in the mouth! Or try the Omelette with onion, tomato, cheese and pesto. Comes with toast. Delicious! New on the menu is the Chicken Melt (with cheese) - my personal favourite.

Type: Coffeehouse
Price: less than US$10   
Address: White Beach, near boat station 1.

Baracuda Snack Bar: Breakfast Bar
April 20, 2005.

Baracuda by sirenna
This native style snack bar is a great place to go for breakfasts and lunches. For such a small place, they have quite an interesting menu. Choose from a selection of salads, sandwiches, schnitzel, rosti, sausages, omelettes, pancakes, muesli etc. You can also order tzatziki or hummus with pitta bread, fruit juices, shakes, tea and coffee. It's a friendly little place, and relatively inexpensive.

The Hawaiian Sandwich is delicious, so is the Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich.

Type: Breakfast
Price: less than US$10 
Address: Outside Baracuda Bar
Directions: White Beach, a couple of minutes walk north from the Tourist Centre.

Aria: Pasta Perfection
January 15, 2005.


Aria by sirenna
Aria is a modern style restaurant serving delicious pasta and really authentic pizza cooked in a handmade wood-fired oven (one of only two such ovens in the country). The beach-bar/garden area is the place to see and be seen in high season. Arrive early as this place can get pretty busy.

Aria serves consistently good food, and is one of my favourite places to eat. Chef Gino regularly creates interesting new dishes (up to 4 or more each week). There is a variety of delicious seafood on offer, and I also enjoyed the Grilled Lamb with rosemary, and the baked Chicken. The tagliatelle with truffles and parma ham is not to be missed, and the desserts are a must.

Type: Italian
Price: less than US$10  
Address: D'Mall, near boat station 2.
Directions: Facing the beach, near Hey Judes bar.

Cocoloco: Native Style
March 28, 2005.


Sunset Drinks. by sirenna
This friendly native style bar and restaurant serves a wide variety of dishes - curries, steak, pizza, seafood, Filipino and European food. They even have Swedish meatballs! One delicious thing on the menu (subject to availability) is shark curry, and this is also a good place to try local specialities like chicken adobo. The bar attracts a friendly crowd, and is a good place to meet people and chat.

There is a good choice of breakfast options, plus sandwiches, omelettes etc. I particularly enjoy the beef schnitzel, and the fish curries are delicious.

Type: Eclectic/International
Price: less than US$10    
Address: White Beach, Angol
Directions: A few minutes south of boat station 3.

Aloja: Cheese and Wine!
January 20, 2005.


Aloja by sirenna
Head to this place to buy wine, cheeses, sausage, salami, pasta, sauces, muesli, yoghurt and more. Choose a sandwich from the menu or create your own.

Stop for a peppered pastrami sandwich before you spend all your money on wine and chocolate!

Type: Deli
Price: less than US$10    
Address: Behind the hospital.
Phone: 036 288 3214
Directions: Just off the main road, walk through D'Mall, turn right and follow the road for a couple of minutes. Or ask a trike driver for directions.

Cafe Breizh: Delicous Crepes...
December 28, 2004.


Cafe Breize by sirenna
Delicious sweet and savoury crepes, salads, sandwiches and a good selection of main courses. This is one of my favourite places to lunch with the girls, but it's also a nice romantic spot for dinner. The service is impressive for a small island restaurant, and prices are very reasonable.

I love the omelettes, which come with a green salad, and the seafood pasta in white wine and cream sauce is to die for. Relax with a chilled glass of white wine and watch the world go by!

Type: French
Price: less than US$10   
Address: White Beach, Balabag
Directions: On the beach front, near boat station 1.