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Sirenna's Boracay Travel Guide

Funky Lighting: The Funkiest Lamps!
February 12, 2005.


Funky Lighting by sirenna
Funky Lighting sell a weird and wonderful variety of lamps in many different styles and colours, and they are all hand made on the island. You won't have seen anything quite like these before.

There are many different styles, some made from handmade paper, others made from cocoa or mango leaves. Check out the cute 'gecko' lamp.

Prices vary. They can also arrange for orders to be packed and shipped home for you.

Address: D'Mall, White Beach.
Directions: About halfway down the Mall.

Beach Vendors: Catch of the Day!
February 11, 2005.

Fish Anyone? by sirenna
It doesn't come much fresher than this! Why buy your seafood from the market when you can buy it from a local fisherman on the beach? Watch out for guys passing by carrying boxes and baskets. There's even a guy who sells delicious hot roasted chicken. You'll recognise him by his loud shouts of "Lechon Manok!" If your resort doesn't offer a cooking service, ask around - many places will be happy to BBQ your meal for you.

Many things are available - fish, prawns, squid, oysters, lobster...

Prices vary depending on what you buy and how much it weighs. It's usually cheaper to buy seafood from a beach vendor than from a shop.

Address: White Beach, Boracay

Kaycee Shoes: Hand Made Sandals
February 12, 2005.


Sandals by sirenna
Searching for an unusual souvenir or personalised present? This shop can create a pair of sandals for you to almost any design, or you can choose from some of the weird and wonderful creations mounted on the wall. They'll also repair broken shoes/bags for you for P10.

The price for a basic pair of sandals starts at around P150.

Address: D'Mall, White Beach
Directions: Between boat stations 1 & 2. Stick to the right side of the mall, near McSandro's resto.

Plazoleta: Handmade Leather Bags
April 19, 2005.


Hard at work by sirenna
This is my favourite little shop in the Plazoleta. As yet it has no name, but it is owned and run by a local musician and artist called Diango. You can see him at work creating beautiful handmade leather bags, some of them adorned with puka shells, beads, or bells made by tribes from the northern Philippines. No two bags are the same so they make lovely gifts (if you can bear to part with them)!

Bags, lamps, sarongs, drums, clothing and other arts and crafts.

Bags start at around P1200

Address: Plazoleta
Directions: Near boat station 2, White Beach

Plazoleta: Arts and Crafts
April 17, 2005.


Plazoleta by sirenna
The Plazoleta is a small native style shopping plaza on White Beach. It's without a doubt the best place to find native arts and crafts, jewelry, sarongs, carvings, lanterns etc. There are a variety of little shops to choose from.

Theme: Local Craft
Address: Plazoleta
Directions: White Beach, near boat station 2

Plazoleta: Native Crafts
August 6, 2005.


Bongo Drums by sirenna
There are several shops in the Plazoleta selling native instruments and crafts. You can buy bongo drums of all different sizes, flutes, pan pipes and rain-sticks, and if you are lucky, the musicians will be around to give you a demonstration.

Aside from the beautifully crafted instruments, you can buy hand made leather bags, bamboo lightshades inset with coloured glass, unusual jewellry, windchimes, and many other treasures.

Address: Plazoleta
Directions: Between boat station 2 and the Tourist Centre.

Plazoleta: Local Art
April 17, 2005.


Art Shop by sirenna
This little shop on the corner of the Plazoleta sells a variety of beautiful paintings by local artists. If you are lucky, you may even get to watch them at work.

Address: Plazoleta
Directions: Near boat station 2, White Beach

Lonely Planet: Home Furnishing
August 22, 2005.


Lonely Planet by sirenna
This shop sells an array of beautiful things from the home, including lampshades, fabrics/rugs, artwork, wall-hangings, cushions, tablewear, ornaments, carvings and furniture. Many of these things are Philippine made, but there are other treasures from Thailand, India and Bali. As far as I know, this shop is not linked to the books of the same name.

There are many different things on offer, even clothing.

Price-wise, Lonely Planet is above average, but it's worth it if you want something unusual and original for your home.

Address: Several Outlets along White Beach.
Directions: There's an LP shop in the Mall, one in the Plazoleta, and one more on the beach path.

Various: Gift Shops in D'Mall
October 22, 2005.


Wiggles by sirenna
There are a wide variety of little gift shops in the mall selling almost anything you can imagine, from the tacky (there's way too much cheap tie-dye clothing) to the unusual (beautiful silver jewelry and wooden carvings). Some shops have a fixed price system, whereas others will allow you to haggle. Shop around, as you'll come across the same items in several outlets. Wiggles has a nice selection of gifts and souvenirs such as silver jewelry, picture frames, hand-made paper notebooks, bags and sarongs. Another favourite of mine is Juan Lu, (towards the back of the Mall, near the wet market) which is one of the best craft shops on the island. Check out the wind-chimes, dream catchers, bamboo lamp-shades, rain-sticks and hand-made jewelry, amongst other unusual treasures. The best place for silver and pewter jewelry is Crystal Shack, near Hey Jude bar. They have just about every kind of pendant you can imagine, as well as pretty bracelets, anklets and rings. Next door, Colors has a lovely collection of sarongs, shell belts and accessories, and for more modern beach-wear, a visit to Ticket boutique is a must.

Address: D'Mall, White Beach.