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Sirenna's Boracay Travel Guide

February 12, 2005.


Whoosh! by sirenna
Surf along the shoreline in the shallow water on a wooden board. I've watched this sport take off in a big way in Boracay in the last couple of years. If you want to join the fun, just get chatting to some of the guys and they'll help you get started. Be prepared to fall unceremoniously on your butt numerous times!

You can buy boards from the little shop next to Bom Bom Bar (between boat stations 2 and 3).

Address: White Beach
Directions: Outside Hey Judes Bar and Bom Bom Bar, and various locations on White Beach.

September 3, 2005.


Kayaking by sirenna
The clear, placid waters of Boracay are ideal for kayaking - whether you're an absolute novice looking to splash around on the beach or an experienced paddler ready to take off on a round-the-island voyage. Kayaking in the shallows will give you amazing views of the coral reefs, and you can also do a spot of beach-hopping.

There are several outlets along the White Beach where you can rent a kayak, including Scuba World.

Address: White Beach

Dragon Boating
February 12, 2005.


Boracay Blades womens team (they just won)! by sirenna
This is hard work, but my friends really enjoy it. Competitions are held every year in Boracay. You'll have to stick around for a while to get involved in the action, but it's fun to watch.

Boats and paddles are provided!

Address: White Beach

February 11, 2005.


Tennis Courts @ T & T by sirenna
This is not actually a sport I'm any good at, but some of my friends do go regularly, and seem to thoroughly enjoy themselves. I'm told the courts are in need of a bit of repair. It costs P150 per hour to play.

You can rent equipment from T & T, or bring your own.

Address: Tirol & Tirol Resort
Phone: 036 288 3165
Directions: Near boat station 2, White Beach.