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Things to do on Boracay

Butterfly Garden
April 17, 2005.

Red Helen Butterfly by sirenna
Take a guided tour of this beautiful little butterfly garden on Bolabog Beach and see some of the many different species of Philippine flora and fauna. You will learn about the life cycles of butterflies, with eggs, caterpillars, pupae and, of course, many different rare and beautiful butterflies. Friendly couple Patrick and Carmela will be happy to show you around. The gift shop sells handicrafts, plants and souvenirs. It costs P100 to get in. You can also order drinks and very reasonably priced meals.

Address: Bolabog Beach.
Phone: 036 288 6701
Directions: On the eastern side of the island, next to Banana Saging resort (5 minutes walk from the mall).


Sailing with the Red Pirates
December 28, 2004.

sunset sailing
by sirenna
Don't leave Boracay without sailing with these guys! They know all the best spots around the island, and are happy to arrange anything you need - snorkeling equipment, ice box full of cold drinks, beach BBQ, bottle of wine etc. Captain Joey can create a delicious meal for you on a deserted beach while you swim, explore caves or just lay back and relax. Sailing a paraw can be an exhilarating ride on a windy day, or a gentle, relaxing cruise in calm weather. Sailboats are envioronmentally friendly, and it is much nicer without the noise and stench of an engine chugging away. This is a perfect if you want to escape the crowds on White Beach and see another side of the island. Be sure to bring your sunblock, camera and sarong.

Address: Angol, Boracay
Phone: 0918 3001763
Directions: Walk down the beach a few minutes past boat station 3. Look for the Red Pirates bar & Captain Joey.
Other Contact: 036 288 5767

Horse Riding
December 29, 2004.

Riding by sirenna

At Boracay Horse Riding Stables you can take out one of the locally bred horses, ride solo or accompanied by one of the stables' expert guides, and discover the island's natural beauty. Both beginners and expert riders are catered for. This is a great way to explore native villages and parts of the island most tourists don't get to see. The best time for riding is early morning or late afternoon, when you can avoid the midday sun. It costs $10 US for adults for a one-hour ride. Discounts are available for children and group bookings. Wear a pair of loose, comfortable trousers to avoid chafing! Open 6am-6pm daily.

Address: Off the main road, past boat station 1.
Phone: Brenda & Romy +63 36 288 3311
Directions: It's best to take a tricycle there - all the drivers know where it is.

Endangered Fruit Bats
Written by sirenna on January 15, 2005.

Flying Fox by sirenna
Take a boat ride to the north of the island at sunset and watch the fruit bats as they fly over to the mainland to feed. A really spectacular sight - they are absolutely HUGE! Some unscrupulous locals offer tours through the forest to visit the bats during the day, but avoid doing this - it disturbs their natural sleeping habits. The number of bats is declining every year, from over 2 thousand two years ago to just over a thousand now, due to a (so-called) eco-resort being built on their nesting site. Go and see them as soon as possible, as they are about to begin building a Shangri-La hotel on top of them too, which will no doubt wipe them out completely. For more information about endangered species and conservation in the Philippines, contact the PESCP (Philippine Endemic Species Conservation Project). It is a great shame that the local authorities in Boracay seem to care so little about preserving the island's endangered wildlife such as monkeys, turtles, birds and fruit bats. In a year or two there may be none left.

Address: Yapak
Phone: 036 288 5767
Directions: Northern end of Boracay. Take a boat ride - I sailed with the Red Pirates paraw

Relaxing Massage
January 1, 2005.

Abe's Massage by sirenna
The best massage to be had outside of a spa is with Abe (pronounced Abby), a blind guy who works on the beach in Angol. He specialises in Swedish massage, shiatsu, accupressure etc, and charges P300 per hour. He has a bed for you to lie on, unlike some of the other masseurs working along the beach. Watching the sunset while getting a massage is an absolute must!

Address: Outside Cocoloco Bar / Restaurant.
Directions: White Beach, Angol, 5 minutes south of boat station 3.

January 20, 2005.

Tamarind by sirenna
Experience sailing on the beautiful 40 foot yacht Tamarind. They offer sunset trips ($20) half day ($40) and 3 day ($60) cruises. I went on the 3 hour sunset cruise around the coast of the island - it's a really lovely experience. Alcoholic drinks, soft drinks and snacks are included in the price. You can usually find Mike or Chrisi at Nigi Nigi's bar in the evening to make a booking.

Address: Nigi Nigi's Bar
Phone: Mike - 0915 5722214
Directions: Nigi Nigi Nu Noo's resort, halfway between boat stations 2 and 3 on White Beach.

January 1, 2005.

Kiteboarding by sirenna
Kiteboarding is taking off in a big way in Boracay. Head over to Bulabog Beach on the eastern side of the island to watch the show, and call in for a chat with the guys from Ocean Republic. They will be happy to advise you on how to get started, and you can rent or buy kiting equipment from them.

Address: Ocean Republic, Bulabug Beach
Phone: +63 36 288 3206
Directions: Turn off the main road opposite the mall and keep walking till you hit the beach (5 minutes).

April 17, 2005.

Art for Sale by sirenna
Watch local artists at work, get a henna tattoo or have a hand-painted t-shirt personally created for you.... the Plazoleta is the best place on the island to shop for native arts and crafts. There are little shops selling unusual jewelry, hand-made leather bags, musical instruments, paintings and beautifully made handicrafts. If you are in search of an unusual souvenir or unique present, this is the place to come.

Address: Plazoleta
Directions: Near boat station 2.