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Sirenna's Boracay Travel Guide

Explore the island by bike
February 9, 2005.


Transportation by sirenna
Rent a mountain bike and explore the parts of Boracay usually hidden from most tourists. Visit small villages, ride through the forest or discover deserted beaches. Remember to bring plenty of water. Not sure of the bike rental price as I have my own bike, but it's relatively cheap and you can usually bargain them down a bit too. Buy a little map from the Tourist Center to help you plan your route.

Other Contact: Various places along White Beach

February 12, 2005.


Pedicab on White Beach by sirenna
A pedicab is a little bicycle with a sidecar attatched. Good for two people - or one large person! These are popular on the White Beach path, where motorised tricycles are not permitted. Prices really do seem to vary according to the driver and the distance. Around P20/P30 per person is normal for a short ride. If you hit a patch of soft sand, have the decency to get out and walk for a few feet - it's really hard for the driver to pedal through it with you aboard. Be sure to agree the price first before you get in.


Sailing Boats
July 17, 2005.


Native Paraw by sirenna
Paraws are native sailing boats made from wood and bamboo. This particular kind of sailboat is found only in the Western Visayan region of the Philippines. The design has changed very little over the centuries, and although they were originally used for fishing, enterprising Boracay sailors can now take you on sightseeing and snorkeling tours around the island. This is without a doubt the best way to explore the beaches of Boracay - it's so much more peaceful & relaxing than a motorised banca boat. The absence of a keel means that these versatile little boats can sail in very shallow water, and even pull up on the shore so that you can explore deserted coves and go snorkeling.

Phone: Captain Joey (288) 5767
Other Contact: Red Pirates Sailing Tours