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Warnings or Dangers

August 19, 2005.


Mozzie Repellant by sirenna
You'll certainly encounter mosquitos in Boracay Island, but if you apply some repellant around sunset time, you shouldn't have too many problems. Repellant is sold in many shops on the White Beach strip so there is no need to bring your own. The most popular brand is "Off", and there are several different types - Off Sport, Off Kids, Off Spray etc. It is very inexpensive, and does the job. If your accomodation is in a mosquito prone area, a mosquito net will usually be provided. Most places don't require one. To repel mosquitos when sitting outside in the evening, many people burn a mosquito coil (popular brands are Lion/Tiger and Baygon). These last for a few hours, but be careful to put them out properly. If you are particularly prone to getting bitten, wear long pants in the evening, preferably in a light shade.


The Destruction of Boracay
August 24, 2005.


Panoly Beach by sirenna
HANDS OFF OUR ISLAND! This is PANOLY BEACH - beautiful, isn't it? WELL TAKE A GOOD LOOK, BECAUSE BY 2007 IT WILL BE COMPLETELY SPOILT, ALONG WITH NEIGHBOURING PUNTA BUNGA BEACH. Despite the fact that this area is meant to be a marine reserve, a large hotel chain have been allowed to comandeer the site, and have installed armed guards to chase visitors away from these previously public beaches. The forested hillside above the beach is home to several endangered species, including birds and rare fruit bats, and the beach itself is a turtle nesting site, but of course, not for much longer. The sheer scale of the resort plan means that it will effectively destroy this beautiful tropical forest and it's inhabitants. The mind boggles at the kind of greedy, sick minded individuals who could take a place this beautiful and choose to cover it in concrete. Boracay was one of the Philippines' most precious treasures, but sadly, those individuals with the power to protect the island are now responsible for it's demise, having sold out to the big developers regardless of the consequences. The question is, are the Boracay authorities going to allow the rampant development of the island to continue unchecked? Plans need to be put in place to protect Boracay's last remaining undeveloped areas (and wildlife) without delay!


Flying Foxes - in Danger of Extinction
October 8, 2005.


SAVE ME! by sirenna
Long before Western tourists and backpackers came to Boracay, the island was home to giant fruit bats, locally known as 'kabog'. Giant fruit bats are dispersers of seeds and play a role in the regeneration of Boracay's forests, besides helping control insects. But their numbers are dwindling because of development, hunting and destruction of their habitat. Once there were thousands of these creatures living in Boracay - now they are in grave danger of extinction. A recent count came up with only 720 golden-crowned flying foxes and 520 large flying foxes. The main threat to the fruit bats is the unchecked development of the island - the local authorities are aware of the situation, but think nothing of handing out permits for large hotels chains to destroy the bat nesting sites. These creatures are of no importance whatsoever to the the powers that be in Boracay (as the Mayor himself demonstrated by impaling a bat on a spear at the last Ati-Atihan festival). It is an awe-inspiring sight to see the bats flying over the beach at sunset, heading to the mainland to feed. In a few years, this will be nothing but a memory.

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Stray Dogs
May 16, 2005.


Nice View...
. by sirenna
Unfortunately there is a bit of a problem with stray dogs on the island. Not everyone is a dog lover, and it is unpleasant to see them relieving themselves on the beach. Usually they are not aggressive, but it's best not to approach or touch unfamiliar dogs. The regulations state that dog owners should not allow their animals to roam around on the beach, but most resorts and restaurants have at least one dog, and they don't keep them on their own property. If you are bitten, inform your resort and ask them to call the Mayors office.


Noise Pollution!
January 13, 2005.


Cockadoodledoo!!!! by sirenna
This is not really a danger, but for those who like their sleep, a pair of EARPLUGS can come in very useful! Many of the budget rooms are made of bamboo and nipa, and they are not soundproof! Filipinos (in Boracay at least) tend to live their lives at top volume, and get up very early in the morning to start sweeping the pathways and having conversations at the top of their voices. Tourists in neighbouring cottages may come in late and have noisy parties, or you might find out that you are staying next to a Karaoke bar! And of course, my favourite, the ever present roosters... Do a little research when you check in.


February 12, 2005.


DON'T DO THIS! by sirenna
Thankfully this photograph is not actually of a Boracay beach, but let it be a warning to everyone! I've seen so many ignorant people throwing their trash on the beach - don't be one of them. Admittedly there are not enough trash cans around, but that's no excuse. Plastic bottles, wrappers and even cigarette ends take years to biodegrade, look unsightly and are a danger to wildlife. Take your rubbish home with you!


Bag Snatchers / Pickpockets
December 30, 2005.

Lift / Snatch by sirenna
I have no wish to alarm anyone unnecessarily, but there have been a spate of bag-snatchings in the mall area recently - possibly a small gang operating - and visitors need to be aware of this. Keep your belongings in your sight at all times. Do not drape your handbag over the back of your chair, or leave it under your seat. Don't leave your wallet sticking out of your back pocket! Carry only the cash you need, and leave the rest in a safety deposit box. When walking, tuck your bag tightly under your arm. Keep your wits about you in crowds. If you witness a bag-snatching in the mall, call for the guards straight away. Hopefully the local police will catch up with these guys soon, but in the meantime, be aware!