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As of 1 January, 2009, Boracayinfo.net is no longer being actively maintained.
The information available here is somewhat outdated, but may still be useful.
To contact us regarding this, please use the Feedback form.

In December of 2009, the boracayinfo.net domain name will be unhooked from this website,
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The site, however, will still exist at the following URLs:


Travel Information

Following is some general information about travel to and from Boracay and, about some transportation providers in the Philippines. The list of transport providers is incomplete -- please send us info on any companies which should be added to the list using our Feedback form.

Left-clicking the links on this page will attempt to pop up the associated web page. If pages do not display, you probably have pop-ups disabled or blocked. In that case, pages can probably be displayed by right-clicking and selecting to display the page in a new window or new tab.



Asian Spirit Airlines / Zest Air
SEAir Airlines
Interisland Airlines
Air Philippines
PAL Express
Philippine Airlines
Cebu Pacific Airlines
Tiger Airways

Air Charter Operators

Subic Seaplane

Land Transportation

Southwest Tours
Island Star Express

Shipping Lines calling at Caticlan

Negros Navigation
Montenegro Lines
Starlite Ferry, Inc.
Maharlika Lines

Shipping Lines not calling at Caticlan

SuperCat Fast Ferries
Ocean Jet
Cebu Ferries
Cokaliong Line
El Greco Jet Ferries
Sulpico Lines
Sun Cruises (Corregidor Island)
Trans-Asia Shipping Lines
Cokaliong Shipping Lines
Weesam Express (services Sandakin, Malaysia)