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Boracay Ocean Club Resort

website: http://www.boracayoceanclub.com/english/
email: alparosemabini@yahoo.com
Phone: +63-2-521-0371 (Manila), +63-36-288-5053-5055 (Boracay)
Fax: +63-2-526-9488 (Manila), +63-36-288-5053-5058 (Boracay)

Boracay Ocean club is a Grade A resort located on Boracay's White Beach beachfront in Sito Angol, Barangay Manoc-Manoc.

The resort began operations in October of 2006, and is sited in a two story building which fronts directly onto the White Beach beachfront path. Resort facilities include 39 guest rooms, swimming pool, restaurant, wine bar, spa, and business center.

Location: on White Beach at 994 meters


Room rate information was taken from published rates, but may not be completely current and is always subject to change without notice. Please contact the establishment concerned for the latest room rate information and for information about any special packages or discounts which might be available.

Daily Rates
Room Type Season USD PHP
Superior Room (28.5 sqm) 140.00
Ocean View Deluxe Room (45.1 sqm) 160.00
Pool Access Room (52.1 sqm) 180.00
Grand View Suite (69.7 sqm) 230.00
Ocean Royal Suite (264.7 sqm) 280.00

Price is exclusive of 10% surcharge and 10% tax.
Extra bed charge is $35 per night

Room facilities include:

  • High-speed internet service
  • Free tea service
  • One-day laundry service
  • 24-hour FAX message delivery service
  • Room service (open 0700-2400)
  • Safety deposit box
  • IDD-enabled room phones
Room amenities include:
  • Slippers36" LCD T.V.
  • Telephone
  • Slippers, Sewing kit, Shoeshine kit, Shoe horn, lint brush
  • Air conditioner, Portable emergency light, Lamp and stand
  • Vanity and mirror, Shower booth, Hair dryer, Bath towels and toiletries (Soap, aftershave, Milk lotion, Tissue, Shower cap, Cotton buds and balls, Sanitary bags, Comb, Shower gel, and Shampoo)

Prices may change without prior notice
Individual room sizes may vary depending on location

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