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Boracay Business Center

website: http://www.boracayinfo.com
email: info@bbcboracay.com
Phone: +63-36-288-3761
Fax: +63-36-288-3604

Established in 1989, Boracay Business Center (BBC) is and has long been a well known Real Estate office in the island of Boracay. Cooperating and working with top realtors and associating with the members of the Philippine Association of Real Estate Brokers (PAREB) in the country and abroad. A bonafide member since 1989 of the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP)

Keywords: BBC real estate property apartment land house and lot rent lease sale

Location: on White Beach at 1145 meters

Offering real estate services and properties for sale or lease: House & Lot, Beachfront, Luxury Villas, Resorts, Apartments, Golf Shares, and most of the prime properties in the island for big or small development.

We are prepared to act as agents for either the seller or the buyer.

As seller's agents, we offer listings of houses, lots, beach properties, and apartments for sale, rent, or lease. Marketing of properties can be individualized to suit the needs of a specific seller and/or to suit unique features of particular properties. Our listings, presented online in our BBC Website, typically include a photo spread, property description, location, and the asking price. We can do additional marketing in newspapers, real estate catalogs, various commercial websites, and other outlets.

As buyer's agents, we often work to locate properties which may not be currently listed but which satisfy particular buyer specifications so that an unsolicited offer to purchase may be made.

Other services offered:
- Land Transfer
- Architect
- Property Management
- Brokerage
- Landscaping
- Land Survey
- Construction Contractor
- Legal Advice
- Investment Opportunities
- Rentals

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