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Fairways and Bluewater Golf Course

website: http://www.FairwaysBluewater.com
email: info@FairwaysBluewater.com
Phone: +63-2-633-1393
Fax: +63-2- 637-0612

FAIRWAYS & BLUEWATER golf course is located on more than a hundred hectares of sprawling and gently rolling land, surrounded by the vast and brilliantly clear blue waters of Boracay Island.

Spread across the center of the island, FAIRWAYS & BLUEWATER spans the entire width of Boracay, creating not just one but two stretches of splendid white beaches, each with its own allure and mood to offer--the relaxing quietude of the East Beach for precious moments of solitude or being alone with someone, or simply wallowing in the sea and basking in the sun for a gorgeous tan and the exciting exuberance of the West Beach for lively experiences and festive nightlife.

The East Beach is also the perfect place to catch the day's first warm rays of the sun as it rises over the horizon. The West Beach is a more romantic setting as it catches the sun's final spectacular burst of color as it sets in the distance.

For the more vigorous, FAIRWAYS & BLUEWATER offers a variety of water sports facilities for endless days of jet skiing, scuba diving, water skiing, snorkeling, para-sailing, mini-cruising, fishing, island cruising, wind surfing, among others.

The FAIRWAYS & BLUEWATER 18-Hole Par 72 World-Class Golf Course inspires another kind of challenge, assuring players of a stimulating golf experience as well as a tough test to one's skills. Australian Master golfer and designer Graham V. Marsh himself designed the course. The lush greens and fairways complement the planned cheerful and breathtaking water features created by Living Waters-- gurgling creeks, rushing waterfalls, sparkling lakes, and the like. Creating a stunning whole that enhances Boracay's inherent beauty. A golf course impressive enough to gain recognition as the "Golfing Jewel of the Pacific."

Location: on Main Road at 7275 meters

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