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Crafts Supermarket & Department Store

website: http://www.craftsofboracay.com
email: craftsofboracay@yahoo.com.ph
Phone: +63-36-288-6857

Crafts of Boracay - One stop for all your shopping needs

Craft's, Boracay's only full-service department store and supermarket, offers a wide selection of quality products at fair prices. A delivery service is available.

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Location: on Main Road at 3120 meters
Location: on D'Mall Main Road South Path at 191 meters

Food Market - Fish and Meats, packed, tinned and frozen goods, Ice, Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, Salads, Freshly Baked Bread and Pastries.

Imported - Coffies, Teas, Wines, Spirits, and popular food items.

Toys and Sporting Goods.

Clothing Departments for men, women, and children. Large selection of Signature and Designer clothing.

General Footwear and Handmade Shoes.

Office and Computer Stationary and Supplies.

Houseware for Kitchen and Bathrooms. Electrical Appliances - Fridge, TV, Aircon units, etc.

Tools and DIY hardware for all your needs.

Computer Sales, advice, and repairs.


Complete Full-Service Beauty Salon

Coffee shop serving breakfasts, gourmet coffees, sandwiches, snacks, and quick but tasty meals.

Crafty's Rooftop Bar - Spectacular views of Boracay, wide selection of Local/Imported Beers and Spirits, projection TV for major sporting events.

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