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As of 1 January, 2009, Boracayinfo.net is no longer being actively maintained.
The information available here is somewhat outdated, but may still be useful.
To contact us regarding this, please use the Feedback form.

In December of 2009, the boracayinfo.net domain name will be unhooked from this website,
and this website will become unreachable through that domain name.

The site, however, will still exist at the following URLs:


Sheridan Villas

Sheridan Villas is not currently a boracayinfo.net subscriber. The information below was collected from published sources, and is believed to have been correct when it was collected. This information, however, may not be current.

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Location: on Fischfang Path at 39 meters


Room rate information was taken from published rates, but may not be completely current and is always subject to change without notice. Please contact the establishment concerned for the latest room rate information and for information about any special packages or discounts which might be available.

Daily Rates
Room Type Season USD PHP
De Luxe Room (max three pax) Peak Nights 68.00
Superior Room (max five pax) Peak Nights 78.00
Two Storey Villa (max ten pax) Peak Nights 99.00
De Luxe Room (max three pax) Regular Nights 58.00
Superior Room (max five pax) Regular Nights 68.00
Two Storey Villa (max 10 pax) Regular Nights 88.00
De Luxe Room (max three pax) Super Peak Nights 79.00
Superior Room (max five pax) Super peak Nights 89.00
Two Storey Villa (max ten pax) Super Peak Nights 119.00
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