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Sheridan Villas

website: http://www.boracaysheridan.com/
email: info@boracaysheridan.com
Phone: +63-32-345-1000 9AM-6PM Mon-Sat
Fax: +63-32-415-5131

Sheridan Villas Boracay is a new First-class Villa specializing on group and family accommodation. Located at the unsaturated area of Boracay Island, Station 3 - at Second Row Beach Front. Home of the Lowest-All-in Best Deals for your hassle-free Boracay Vacation. Sheridan Villas is just a few steps to the famous white sand beach. This ensures a private and serene retreat without leaving the beach area.

The kitchen in each Two-Storey Villa will definitely help you to save more on your food! A kilo of fresh prawns will bring out a sumptuous dinner than spending much at the restaurants. Then your group can party more and your family can get more tours and beach activities! Sheridan Villas Boracay is typically a Serene Home Away from Home...there is a Dining room, Living Room, Bedroom, Bathrooms and Kitchen.

Location: on Fischfang Path at 39 meters


Room rate information was taken from published rates, but may not be completely current and is always subject to change without notice. Please contact the establishment concerned for the latest room rate information and for information about any special packages or discounts which might be available.

Daily Rates
Room Type Season USD PHP
De Luxe Room (max three pax) Peak Nights 68.00
Superior Room (max five pax) Peak Nights 78.00
Two Storey Villa (max ten pax) Peak Nights 99.00
De Luxe Room (max three pax) Regular Nights 58.00
Superior Room (max five pax) Regular Nights 68.00
Two Storey Villa (max 10 pax) Regular Nights 88.00
De Luxe Room (max three pax) Super Peak Nights 79.00
Superior Room (max five pax) Super peak Nights 89.00
Two Storey Villa (max ten pax) Super Peak Nights 119.00
-Regular Nights: Jun 1 - Oct 31
-Peak Nights: Nov 1 - Dec 21, Jan 4 - Apr 4, Apr 9 - May 31 (Break & Summer)
-Super Peak Nights: Dec 22 - Jan 3, Apr 5 - Apr 8 (Christmas, New Year, Holy Week)

Rates shown are for one person in room. Per-head pricing applies, and rooms with more than one occupant are charged at substantially lower per-head rates. Check our website or contact us for details

We change rates due to high demand. However, we strive to keep it at the lowest possible rate.

Regular Nights: Please book at least one (1) week ahead of your travel schedule
Peak Nights: Please book at least one (1) month ahead of your travel schedule
Super Peak Nights: Please book at least three (3) months ahead of your travel schedule
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