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Turtle Inn

website: http://www.turtleinnboracay.com/
email: hkmhalenn@yahoo.com
Phone: +63-36-288-4206

Our family run resort nestles minutes behind the famous 'White Beach? and is the perfect location, only 2 minutes from one the most beautiful award winning beaches in the world.

It is quiet and its relaxing. You can walk out to the 5 kilometer beach with powder white sand and blue seas. When you?ve had enough sun, be back and relaxing on your balcony in minutes with no effort.

Our resort has 13 rooms of varying size and standard, but all are of the highest quality and they all share a beautifully landscaped garden and the sound of the waterfall. We have an on-site bar and restaurant with 24 hour service in the resort. The resort is new, with an airy and elegant open design, and we have a focus on quality even down to the bed sheets and towels. We have spared no expense for the satisfaction of our customers

Expect the best and get the best, but at great value.

We offer a high standard of quality at competitive rates.

7 Upper standard
3 De Luxe
3 Suites
2 of the Suites can be joined to make a double Family Suite.

Location: on Island Manor Path at 195 meters


Room rate information was taken from published rates, but may not be completely current and is always subject to change without notice. Please contact the establishment concerned for the latest room rate information and for information about any special packages or discounts which might be available.

Daily Rates
Room Type Season USD PHP
Upper Standard Room Low 1500
Deluxe Room Low 2000
Suite Low 2500
Upper Standard Room Peak 2000
Deluxe Room Peak 2500
Suite Peak 3000
Upper Standard Room Super Peak 3500
De luxe Room Super Peak 4500
Suite Super Peak 5500
Low season - Jun - Sep
Peak season - Oct - May
Super Peak are various peak points such as Chrismas / New Year / Public holidays
Holy week prices are as follows: Upper Standard 4,000, De Luxe 4,500, Suite 6,000
Call for more details if your booking are to be around the Super Peak.

Family Suite - Joining room for families; each additional person per room P250 per person.
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