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As of 1 January, 2009, Boracayinfo.net is no longer being actively maintained.
The information available here is somewhat outdated, but may still be useful.
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Boracay Beach Resort

website: http://www.boracaybeachresort.com/
email: info@boracaybeachresort.com
Phone: +63-36-288-3208, 4288
Fax: +63-36-288-5565

Location: on White Beach at 2477 meters


Room rate information was taken from published rates, but may not be completely current and is always subject to change without notice. Please contact the establishment concerned for the latest room rate information and for information about any special packages or discounts which might be available.

Daily Rates
Room Type Season USD PHP
Bungalow with Fan, without Cable TV 25.00
Bungalow with Aircon, without Cable TV 54.00
Bungalow with Aircon, with Cable TV 74.00
Suite Room 200.00
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